11 Aug

5 things you can do right now to navigate uncertainty

5 things you can do right now to navigate uncertainty

Covid-19 is a clusterf**k of extraordinary proportions. Every day leaders are leaning into and navigating change and long-term uncertainty like never before.

Here are 5 things that you can do to smooth the road a little.

  1. Talk. Having the courage to talk openly about your personal and business challenges will normalise them – you’re really not alone in this. Choose your tribe and open up. As a leader you’re modelling the behaviour we should all have, it’s totally okay to feel vulnerable and not have all the answers.
  2. Openly seek peer support. Use your networks to innovate and solve problems. There are some smart people you know who’d love to fight the Covid-19 crisis with a pandemic of collaboration.
  3. Tap into resources such as experts, your directors and outside consultants to help with decision making and strategy.
  4. Support your employees, whether they’re working remotely or back in the office. During times of crisis we seek human connection even more, so communication and personal check-ins become even more important.
  5. Rethink and recalibrate performance measures and the definition of success for you, your team and your organisation. Bring these to life by co-creating a shared understanding of the behaviours and individual KPIs needed to achieve these. Kick some ass.

Extra for experts:
Engage in gratitude and optimism. That’s not woo woo, it’s actual science that’ll boost your resilience and help get you through challenge.