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Rockstar facilitator and professional coach

I know the importance of business confidence. For years I’ve been helping people just like you get their sh*t together and lead in challenging environments.

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So I could sit here and tell you all about what makes me tick, but I'd much rather tell you how my powers and pixie dust (that's code for experience) combine to help you be a bad ass business professional.

To put it succinctly, I have a passion for neuro and brain-based coaching strategies. The power of the mind is what ultimately drives us to succeed. So I get a huge kick out of seeing people unlock their potential and achieve excellence. Make no mistake - I’ll work you hard to get you there – with heart, a lot of laughs, and the kind of inspiration that’ll change you.

There is science and a pathway to follow, and I’ve been teaching it for years. Helping my clients motivate themselves to get sh*t done is often the most rewarding work I do – and the celebrations have been epic.

I'm intimately familiar with the corporate environment, and have years of experience as a business owner.  I understand what it’s like when you just want more - whatever that looks like. Whatever your more is, I’ll get you there.

I really value authenticity and a no BS approach to ongoing development. I'm tough, gritty, and driven - but I also have a heart of gold, so I might tell you things you don't want to hear initially, but you'll be glad I did when you're out the other side.

I've been there. I get it. And I'm ready to partner with you to ignite your potential.

And because we all know that having a track record of a little past experience and history is a good thing, here's my timeline for you.

Belinda Thomas
Belinda history

What people say about working with Belinda Thomas Inc...

We are really fortunate to have Belinda here providing great insight and support. Trust me when I say – she knows her $#!t. Not afraid to call a spade a spade and with an impressive history supporting a broad range of professionals, including some very successful senior executives – there’s not much Belinda can’t help with.

- Julie McMurray
Head of Human Resources & People, DUAL Asia Pacific

I found in Belinda a coach who works with me in a way that suits my personality, goals, work environment and career aspirations.

Belinda is open and honest in her approach. She uses a great balance of drawing responses directly, and generous examples from her experience, which I find invaluable as I want to learn from others not just from myself. I have loved working with Belinda over the last 6 months. We’ve worked on specific issues and general pieces all with great success. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

- Paula Harris, DUAL New Zealand

Today was a really tough session - but one that I really appreciated. Your wonderful insightful questioning and challenging of me really makes me work hard. I’m excited about the actions I’ve planned, and looking forward to reporting back!!

Thank you for helping me on this journey, and for helping me see the world in new ways.

- Peter Sellars, Catosplace