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You’re already good at what you do.

And suddenly you’re being called on to lead in ways that are really putting the pressure on.

You’re also expected to know this stuff already.

So, you sign up for a few webinars, read some blogs and go to a 2-day workshop.

And none of those things change the feeling of overwhelm and the thoughts that you might not be ready.

Let me you tell you something...

You just need everything in one place and designed to transform you into the leader you need to be.

Are you:

  • A trained professional taking the next step in your career?
  • Thrown into a Leadership role after a round of redundancies?
  • A Business Owner scaling your business?
  • Wanting to confidently apply for a leadership role?
  • Wanting to join elite leaders in this incredible program?


Ditch Imposter


Hi, I’m Belinda. I’ve helped dozens of emerging leaders get their sh*t together and stand out as exceptional leaders in challenging environments.

There is so much stuff out there and snoozing through another webinar isn’t going to transform you into the leader you want to be.

Let’s focus on:

- Growing your leadership mindset. All the gritty stuff that otherwise will only hold you back.
- Having the skills you need; like giving feedback and working with conflict, which can be really messy!
- Emotionally Intelligent leadership, which is what sets great leaders apart from the rest.
- Making it stick, with a program that’s not a quick fix, or another trendy online cure all.

We’ll work hard and I’ll help you to integrate everything you learn.


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