Emotionally Intelligent Business

Get ahead of the pack and stay there



When Emotional Intelligence is a priority, organisations are likely to be 22% higher performing

Six Seconds 2017 Vitality Report | Six Seconds Business Case 2016


Increased Productivity

Executives who were recruited based on their EQ competencies generated 10% more productivity.


Increased Sales

Sales people who went through a 6 month EQ training program brought in $2.5million more in sales.

Big Pharma

Increased Profit

An 8.9% increase in management team EQ was accompanied by double digit profit growth.


Improved Engagement

EQ program resulted in 63% reduction in employee turnover and correlated positively with plant performance.

It's science!

The measurable, scientifically proven and learnable skills of EQ have a huge impact on individual and organisational performance.

If you want a world-class organisation in an increasingly complex, competitive and uncertain world, then you need EQ in your people and performance strategy.

You need an EQ Framework to...

Turbo-charge your

- Confident decision making
- Increase engagement
- Enhance problem solving
- Increase trust and influence
- Clear strategy and action

Strengthen your Teams and Culture

- Grow productivity
- Boost agility and engagement
- Build resilience
- Increase motivation
- Enhance results

Increase your

- Manage stress and anxiety better
- Improve quality of life
- Have healthier relationships
- Increase satisfaction
- Thrive in challenge

I am one of only 4 New Zealand qualified
Six Seconds Network Assessors

  • Six Seconds is the worlds largest Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Network, with research units and partners all over the world.
  • Six Seconds is the world leader in research and sharing scientifically based tool and methodologies for transforming leadership, education and recruitment
  • Those tools and methods are being used in 127 countries
  • I am certified in a suite of individual, team and organisational EQ profiling and reporting tools that form the basis of Exceptional Performance Progrrams

So, how does it work?

If you want:

  • Exceptional Leadership
  • High Performing Teams
  • Engaging Culture

Let’s talk and see how growing emotional intelligence will get you the results you need to be ahead of the pack.

Or, are you wanting to successfully hire the right people?

(ie. avoiding the double degree disaster who’s technically brilliant but without the skills to work with your clients,
motivate people, or work in a team)