Leading Through Change

For successful business transformations


Looking for a successful business transformation?

Change is the most consistent and constant challenge to businesses.

It's too easy to get it wrong.

Are you:

  • Merging or acquiring another company?
  • Planning or in a change program?
  • Bringing a new leadership team together?
  • Concerned about losing talent?
  • Moving to Agile or digitalising your business?
  • Struggling to thrive and keep your head above water in the sea of uncertainty and chaos?

Okay, take a breath. You’re in the right place.

You already know that people drive organisational performance and that the success of your transformation is in their hands. And you also know about how many ways THE SH*T can hit the fan!!

This is what I do so that you can get a better night’s sleep

  • Rock your coaching and facilitation
  • Craft you the best written and verbal comms
  • Prepare and deliver a bespoke Changer Leader program
  • Give you The Ultimate Culture strategy

You might want one, some or all of these...

I’m a rock star facilitator and coach

It's like this...

You need to get a heap of people on board, and you might not even know what ‘being on-board’ looks like yet… And then you’ll need a heap of other people to approve stuff and they’ll have their own ideas about how it should all be done too (some of which may even be useful). I can hear your sigh from here!

I'm your girl to help you out of the weeds and into the air. Seriously, I have the actual pixie dust to generate the best outcomes for you. I can sprinkle it 1:1 and also chuck buckets of it over teams.

You want brilliant comms?

I do words freakishly well. You need messages that are clear, understood and grow trust.

Chances are that your stakeholders are crying out for information that hits the mark bang on, every time. That’s why I use brain friendly, proven (as in actual quantitively research proven) communication methods that your listeners and readers will love.


Leading through Change & Change Champions

Change leadership and change readiness are a unique set of definable and measurable skills. 

That can surprise a lot of people because, you know, you’ve either got it or you haven’t… Nup, this stuff is real. I use simple online surveys and robust data to make the invisible visible.

Organisations have a bell curve of people who are challenged by change, through to your change experts. The experts have a unique set of change skills that don’t always make them your best change leaders. It can be confusing, frustrating and ultimately expensive.

I’ve got a heap of information about how to lead through change and develop change leaders. How about I send you a case study?

The Ultimate Culture

I mean, who doesn’t want that?

If you’re worried about (and you probably should be):

  • Retaining talent
  • Employee engagement
  • Health and well-being
  • Sustaining and lifting results

Then you need a culture strategy based on values that are bought to life. I’ll help you to do that. Really freakin' well.


Let's make it happen

You’ll get the best outcomes with me on a retainer for the duration of the program. I’ll be yours - on call, and working to an agreed plan.

I’m also happy to work on an ad hoc basis to fit in with what you need.

It’s your call.