Successful Hiring with
Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

You want successful hiring? You've so got it!

You know that triple degree disaster that was hired last year? Smashed all of the tests you set and aced the recruitment process but just wasn’t the right fit for your team? Damn that was an expensive waste of time.

Hiring Emotionally Intelligence Humans + Knowing your Team = Successful Recruitment


Get the right talent using Emotional Intelligence profiling

‘Executives with an above average emotional intelligence are 43 times more likely to be high performers in their role’

~ Six Seconds, State of the Heart Report 2018

For the recruiter – get the talent you need

- Improved recruitment strategy that measures your candidates EQ
- Survey of Emotional Intelligence: Leading through change (SEI LTC) Profile
    o Your candidate completes a 15-minute online survey
    o Followed by a debrief and report from Belinda or a Performance HQ Coach
- Understand your candidates barriers and strengths and how they’ll contribute to their performance
- The ability to make a more informed decision on the candidate’s ability to navigate complexity, thrive through change, and ‘fit’ the environment


For the client – a smooth transition and on-boarding process

- 3-way coaching with the manager(s) at the beginning and completion of the program to set goals and establish alignment
- Growing the EQ competencies of your new people. This sets them up to be successful long-term team members who smash company goals right out of the park
- Incredible external support and guidance throughout the transition period
- An active program between you, your new employee and your coach to achieve organisational, team and personal goals in the first 6 months


For the candidate – Hit the ground running from day one

- A more engaged approach to recruitment and on-boarding
- Your own personal Leadership Development Roadmap based on the opportunities and strengths uncovered in your SEI LTC Profile
- An active program between you, your manager and your coach to achieve organisational, team and personal goals in the first 6 months

What does it look like?

It’s actually really simple. Send me an email, and I’ll send you example documents that will show you how
useful and effective using EQ for successful recruitment is.


The bit about knowing your team?

A Team Vital Signs profile will let you know who you’ve already got, where the gaps are,
who you need to fill them, and how to make that fit work.

Stop the bus – we’re not even attracting good candidates

Yup, I hear this one. A lot. Writing brain-friendly ads that get you noticed and set you apart in a market saturated with cookie cutter drivel is a real skill. For a start, how do you even describe your organisation and why someone would want to work there? And then what about describing the actual role?

This stuff is hard to do well, and it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. I’ll help you do it right. I’m the part of your organisation that’s missing and I love to partner with you in getting to where you need to be.

Book a time to chat with me via my online diary, or contact me directly to find out more.