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working remotely

Guides, Worksheets & Resources

The 5 Elements of Leading Through Change

Leading Through Change: Working Remotely

Bullet Journalling resource

Bullet Journalling:
My How-To Guide

Staying motivated

6 Ways to stay Motivated During a Sh*t Storm

Mission Statement resource

Building Your Mission Statement

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Books I love...

The Rise of Superman – Steven Kotler

When I was competing in international sport I fell in love with this book. It’s still a bible to me. Decoding the science of ultimate performance, flow and an exploration of how extreme athletes break limits.

Good Shit I’ve Learned – Shelly Davies

This is the one where I teach Shelly how to swear like she means it and
she shares a whole lot of amazing, witty and raw wisdom about life.

Never Split the Difference – Chris Voss

All about using a brilliant mix of brain friendly language to get amazing results in negotiations – tried and tested by a former international hostage negotiator for the FBI.

The Power of Habit – Charles Duhigg

Habits are just sooooo fascinating, surprising. This book mixes science and stories in the best way to decode why we do what we do.

The Art of Learning – Josh Waitzkin

I barely have the words for how important this book has been for me. If you want laser clarity into achieving extraordinary success in anything at all, this is your read.

Dare to Lead – Brene Brown

Not just because I’m Dare to Lead trained! This book brings emotionally intelligent leadership to life. (Actually if you’re into leadership, you should read a lot of Brene Brown)

The Heart of Change – John P. Kotter

Full of real-life stories about how changing people’s behaviour is at the heart of successful business transformation. I LOVE this book.

Clarity – Jamie Smart

This is an awesome introduction to thinking about your thinking to help you understand your actions, or inactions!