19 Nov

Your top 5 list for being successful

Your top 5 list for being successful

I love a good list, so here’s the one that I journaled for myself a few days ago. I’m messy and imperfect and human just like you, so I need reminding of these things from time to time! And sometimes it’s just a case that they’ve slipped from a particular area of your life, or in a particular context. Which gets really interesting…

1. Don’t keep doing the same sh*t if it doesn’t get the results you want

This speaks directly to pattern recognition. The solution is to squeeze out some optimism that there is a better way, and then to be brave enough to try. It applies to everything we do: work processes, jobs, environments, cooking terrible dinners, and sucky relationships.

2. Don’t try and be chocolate
You can’t make everyone happy. Or change them. Or make them like you. Do know your own worth and stay within your integrity. Be a good person and the rest is up to them.

3. Keep focussed on the big picture and what’s important
There are soooooo many freaking distractions!!! Even my phone is taking the p*ss right now and beeping while I write this. Especially at this time of year, when there is A LOT going on. Check in on using your time wisely.

BTW – we have plenty of time. I know that we think we don’t but the unpopular truth is that most of us are pretty sh*t at using it well.

4. How we are on the inside has a lot to do with how successful we are
Reflecting on achievements and success is proven to make us more successful. Using those reflections hardwires our brains to look for better solutions, take well informed risks, and collaborate better.

5. Self-reflection and self-accountability can be hard to do, and are a total game changer
Successful people can honestly answer the question, “What’s the part that I’m playing in this situation?” – and act on the answers. This is taking control of the outcomes that you want and the opposite of being a whiney victim.

This applies to EVERYTHING WE DO. And when we think it doesn’t, then ask again…

Sing out if you have any thoughts you want to share, or if I can help you with any of these.